Simple Magic Free Ebook

Like to read? Like free books? Here’s a free novelette that’s part of a prequel series for Dark Daughter. Originally released in the Missing Pieces Gen Con anthology for 2016, this is the first of four stories which will release each August. Click on the photo, download in your preferred format, and read!

Heaven and Chains

Poetry Poker deal from a few weeks back. Found this in my backpack on a piece of scratch paper and pulled out my cards. Play along! Write your own version and share it in the comments or link to your own social media. Think Poetry Poker might be cool? Buy decks on Etsy.

Devil Grins

I found a counterpart sort of on Instagram for a little poetry play. Check out the words of @romeowrites. When the Devil grins,   light bleeds in,  Blinding and unholy.  I pack my sins  With my own sweet grin And find my darkness Waiting for me.