So I Have a Blog

I had a blog once…I forgot to water it and it died. Now I am driving to get some of my writing published and have to have a media presence. This is more than just advice from one of my friends in my writing group, it’s the wave of publishing.

Everything’s moving to a digital format.

Shopping, music, baby names…pets. Even people are moving to a digital format. Just in setting up this blog, I had to upload a picture, link to my profile (which I don’t have), upload my Gravatar (which I don’t have), and verify my identity through Facebook (I have an identity, I’m pretty sure, but I’m on my husband’s computer, so I am currently verified as a 230 pound Scottish man with a sweet temperament and a MacBook Air).

To tell you the truth, I’m pretty shy about this whole thing. I’m not used to writing something that I KNOW somebody will read. I had a fantasy that I would publish under a pen name and still go to the local grocery story as a completely anonymous bestseller. I still have the bestseller dream (who doesn’t), but the option of anonymity is gone in the digital age. According to advice and research, my fans will want to know me as an actual person, a middle-aged mom with three kids and a not-man-enough complex.

Well, here goes…

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