Poetry Poker Breakdown

Poetry Poker is a writing ‘game’ that I developed during my teaching years (which only ended about four months ago). It is played essentially like poker, and you can mix it up just like poker. The goal is to write a poem using the words that you’ve been dealt.

The rules go like this…

You get dealt five cards with words on them. You have to use those five words together somehow in a single poem. The poem structure does not matter (rhyming, non-rhyming, verse structure, free form, etc.). Each deck has a specific mix of different parts of speech as dealt, something like 20 nouns, 15 verbs, 5 adjectives, etc. You can alter the structure of a word to function as a different part of speech in the poem. You cannot change the word, though (‘night’ to ‘knight’ is a no-no).

The main rule is that YOU CANNOT APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR WRITING. It’s all fair on here.

Occasionally I will have a Poetry Poker post and you are invited to play along. Write your own poem with that day’s hand and share it with us in the comments.

To be straight on the credits, I have this game printed in decks and registered with the Library of
Congress. These decks are proof that when it comes to writing and creative things, I can get things done!

You can buy decks at http://www.etsy.com/shop/peopleplacesyou.

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