The Beginning

I have been lining things out to focus on my storycrafting. I’ve had a dream for years that I am a WRITER, published author, someone who signs copies of my books for my adoring fans. The real drive is that writing is what I want to do with my time. My husband and I changed jobs and moved, all with the plan that I would slow down with work (as in NOT have a 9-5) and spend more time pursuing my writing.

So I did it today. I cut my hours in half (I’m willing to starve as an artist, but I’m not willing to commit my children to that life yet) and I started making goals for number of words per day, times of the day I would set aside for completely undisturbed creativity, and other details for successful writerhood. I did it, I made the leap. I got up this morning completely energized…

And I painted my living room.

Now, the hardest part about cutting my income is that I’m also a home improvement junkie. Just like someone who knows they are going to start a diet and disciplined workout regimen, I splurged on what I figured I’d have to give up. I also consider home improvement to be a sort of therapy to clear my head from the muck of daily life so that I can create.

So after I painted the living room, I painted the dining room. And then I painted the kitchen and the hallway. I spent ten hours straight painting my house a shade of greige named after a cove. If I had spent that much time on my current story, I would have a complete draft.

I will spend my time writing like I’ve planned. I had to grow up to my thirties to have the discipline along with the talent, but it will happen.

I also have a feeling that I will have a fabulous house by the time I’m done with my first novel.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I smiled when I read “I painted my living room” because I can see you in your sweats with your IPod in rocking out with a roller in your hand. Also just thought that I should send you this blog link: in case you haven’t seen it. Chersti is a friend of mine from college which is how I started following them but I love their advice about writing more.

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