100 Theme Challenge


Theme: Introduction, from the 100 Theme Challenge in The Poetry Cafe
Mixed Decks Deal: lift, although, automatically, hence, meeting

Although to you I have no face,
we are meeting
in a poetry café
where we sweeten our coffee
with rhythm
and lie to our lovers
in rhyme.
Online bards, you and I,
Souls bared behind the looking glass;
we leave our scars in the comments
and ‘Like’ automatically
to lift the lid on our watchers
and feed them.
Hence Wattpad,
hence Facebook,
hence Pinterest.
Adieu (bow).

The first person to leave their poem in the comments will get a full set of Poetry Poker Decks!

2 thoughts on “100 Theme Challenge

  1. Forward through the false veil.
    Tis lifted as a spider,
    from a train station rail.
    Brought up into its own web,
    hence lack of evidence.
    And automatically,
    you can see something more:
    A simple soul, hidden deep,
    beyond complexities.
    And the station grows quiet,
    then empty, meeting me.

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