The Reader’s Fairytale

So, I’ve been staring at my own writing for weeks. I finally started to force myself to put it down and read some other things. I am determined to finish the Dance with Dragons before Martin has the next one written, and since I read in an article that he makes it through maybe five pages a day, I figure I have a chance.

The disadvantage of being absorbed in the same story too long is that your ideas cease to be fresh and start to take on an incestuous fermentation. I am revising a novelette that I am putting out as an ebook when it’s finished and has the stamp of approval from at least my sister (love you!). I am also very, very close to being finished with the next novelette in the collection.

I find myself repeating phrases and descriptions, like a ‘five senses’ vortex in my brain. I am writing a collection of fractured fairytales called The Grimm Chronicles, and they are rather dark, but not really much darker than the originals if any of you have bothered to read them.

I need YOU to help me play with something fresh. I would like YOU to decide by vote on the elements of a Reader’s Fairytale. Is the protagonist a boy or a girl? How old? Who plays the villain? Modern, futuristic, or back-in-time backwoods setting?

I will sit on each of these for one week to give YOU a chance to vote. I don’t have a lot of followers, and even fewer of you who are brave enough to leave their poems in the comments, so I am prepared for the reality that maybe none of you will vote, in which case I will start polling people at the grocery story.

For this week, YOU have the golden opportunity to vote on the main character. Male or female? How old? Favorite food? Deepest fear? Leave it in the comments, start a debate! You can vote in the comments here, or on my facebook page at ChristineHaggertyAuthor.

Keep in mind that since I have a rather intimate group of followers, YOUR vote really counts!

12 thoughts on “The Reader’s Fairytale

  1. Exciting! And I’m so not shy. I’m excited to see what else you’ve written, but I’ll jump right in.

    Female. 37. She enjoys eating sponge cake with a peculiar jalapeno sauce. Since it’s a fairy tale, it’s part of a contract, or oath she made. Her deepest fear is losing her voice, which will happen if she eats sponge cake without jalapeno sauce.

    Made that up on the spot. Even if you don’t actually use this, I hope it gets some good ideas going.

  2. Sex: Male
    Age: Eleven
    Favorite Food: Coney
    Worst Fear : Telling a lie; for if a lie is uttered from his lips, certain doom awaits

  3. So these are my thoughts…male…late teens or early 20s….he is really book-smart so he struggles with having friends even though he doesn’t look like the stereotypical nerd –he goes back to the time of Shakespeare (or sometime nearby) and he realizes that he really doesn’t have street-smarts…he doesn’t have the Internet to look things up to keep learning–and it is bugging him how backward society is–especially with medical knowledge….his biggest fear is not being able to get home and he will die in this time because nobody could save him from something simple…oooh it could be during the Black Plague and that could be what he is afraid of getting

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