Poetry Poker March Challenge

My friend, Matt, who runs The Poetry Cafe in deviantArt, has posted a challenge for March for Poetry Poker.

The first hand has been dealt! Words are: crush, panic, inside, below, tumultuous.

My entry–
A crush is
the answer
to a young man’s
wet dream.
The lust from inside
says ‘hello’ from down below.
In a panic you ask
“Is this okay?”
You beg her to stay
and wait a moment
while you fight the tumult
of emotion coming in to play.p

Come on Paul Davis, you know you want to try it…

6 thoughts on “Poetry Poker March Challenge

  1. BAHAHAHAHA! Oh wow. I just…there are no words. You’ve taken me back to 14. Oh wow. Okay. I’m composed.

    Do I have to use those words? Am I drawing my own and how? Also, link’s coming up dead for me.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve written a poem. Here you go.

    Crush on me tonight, my dear.
    Look into my eyes, that I might look into yours.
    In your eyes I see
    My hope
    My desire
    My love
    Look away from the panic gripping you.
    Look away from the stray thoughts restraining you.
    Look inside, that you might find how your heart pounds for me.
    While you’re below me I shall show you what your heart needs.
    I shall show you what you crave.
    I shall show you how we should be.
    Under the sheets, tumultuous,
    Under me, in love,
    Under the stars, our souls made known.

    1. Awesome first poker poem. I think I fixed the link. To get cards, check the Poetry Poker Breakdown for a link to PeoplePlacesYou on Betsy. Really, just message me your address and I’ll send you a set.

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