The Reader’s Fairytale–Antagonist

Okay, so the protagonist is decidedly male (75%) and younger. I have early teens for a compromise on the ages, which is a classic fairytale age. I think we still need to decide what this manchild’s main issue is going to be. Something centered around lying/telling stories is coming out in the votes. I think this will be fine-tuned once we decide on the main character’s arch nemesis for the story.

So, what will it be? A classic fairytale witch? A goblin, or a little Rumplestiltzkin type character? Maybe somebody nice who just messes things up? Believe me, I’ve known a lot of boys in their early teens, and usually they don’t need much help to create problems, but we all like something we can defeat.

YOU will have one week to vote. Bring it on!

7 thoughts on “The Reader’s Fairytale–Antagonist

  1. How about a satyr? He lures the boy into shameful situations, hoping he will lie himself out of trouble. Thank you for your kind words about my art.

    1. What if the satyr is another part of the boy’s soul, tempting him to use his storytelling powers to unleash evil things into the world? Kind of a mix of your vote and Paul’s. I’m really feeling this…

  2. Himself. His lies take shape to become truth. Lies about something important to him and it starts to mutate to make the lie true, but it’s something he loves. Torn between the lie and the truth.

      1. I put a poll up on my latest post (which you should vote on, if you haven’t already) and people seemed to respond well to it. I got like 12 votes so far, which is about how many visitors I have each day. May be something to consider.

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