Trolling for Antagonist Votes

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been asking for some reader votes on the elements of a fairy tale. I haven’t been getting much feedback and wondered if it was because I had left it too wide open.

I think some of you are afraid of your own imaginations

To simplify the process for all of us, I wondered if something multiple choice would be more user-friendly. I saw a poll on another blog using While I’m not going to use, I think I can make it easier for you to vote. I realize that you will still have to click an extra time or two, and actually type words, but this should make it easier.

Since we are going with a mid-teens boy, choose from the following options for his nemesis in the story:

1. Himself or some manifestation of himself (like a satyr, this is already in some comments)–he tells evil lies and they come true
2. a fairy whom he thinks is helping him but is really using him to get something he/she wants
3. a classic fairy tale witch who gives him something he wants at a price
4. an evil My Little Pony character
5. a stepmother

Thanks for voting! Leave your choice in the comments. We will move on to a new element next week.

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