Our Character Needs a Setting

This Reader’s Fairytale is getting exciting for me. I have a fourteen-year-old boy whose primary enemy is himself–his lies come true. This alternate self will manifest in the form of a satyr. A satyr works for this character because they are classically mischievous and can easily be naughty. I know a lot of you are having a Percy Jackson moment, but think back to The Chronicles of Narnia.

Now it is time for the setting. I think that the multiple choice thing works well for you guys, so here are my options. The hardest part about this is limiting my own ideas.

1. the classic timeless fairytale setting of a once-upon-a-time village by the forest
2. a major modern city
3. a suburban high school
4. a third world orphanage

I realize it’s hard to place a satyr in most of these settings, so good luck with that! Please leave your vote in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Our Character Needs a Setting

  1. You should look into Changeling: The Dreaming. That’s what influences all my faerie thoughts.

    In it, a fae (such as a satyr) actually shares the body with a human soul and they must coexist, keeping anchored to reality while still exploring the dreaming. It’s mostly modern, so there’s my vote. Deep within the great city was a boy who lied….

    1. I’m getting the outline for the story done right now. No new votes, but I’ll give it a few days. I can make adjustments if someone throws me a curve ball with the setting votes, but it looks like we might have an orphanage in a large city to combine the votes from you and Paul.

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