Poetry in My Coffee

I got up early this morning because my son’s alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. (don’t you miss being 12?) and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I have a disgruntled attitude toward my parents at the moment and I woke up thinking about some things I’d like to say to them.

Because even I am not mean enough to call somebody that early, I got up and made coffee and dealt myself a poem instead. I originally intended to write at least one poem each day, but intentions are not enough; it helps to also have a little on your mind.

Poetry Cafe Theme: Breaking Away
Mixed Decks Deal: bribe, between, cave, rock, pensive

It’s not what you say outright
But the things you mean in between
A subtle bribe
A glimpse inside
The implicit almost seen
It’s not what you say outright
But the things you mean in between
Promises sway like a cradle rocks
Love is conditional, then it stops
Your soul lives in a cave
You have no one you can blame
It’s not what you say outright
But the things you mean in between
It was a pensive look
That I mistook
For worry and care of me
But a selfish pride
Fills your void inside
And that’s all it will ever be
It’s never been what you said outright
But those things you meant in between

Today I’m hating implicit family rules–those rules that mean you have to suck up what’s fair and smile while smelly Great Aunt Gerda hugs you and pinches your cheeks. The classic example is in A Christmas Story when the kid has to put on the bunny suit. So wrong, but we do it anyway.

What are your implicit family rules?

One thought on “Poetry in My Coffee

  1. Have to admit to being horrible at following family rules. Especially lately I’ve been skipping a lot of “required” events. I’m a horrible human being. Oh! I know. When on vacation there will be immense amounts of labor. This weekend visited my brother, his wife, and kid, and we ended up hauling all the garbage out of their attic and then set up shelving for the extra boxes they had. Not that I don’t like helping them (they really have almost no time), just any time I go with the parents, this is about what we end up doing. Or going to the cottage to cut down trees. For near a decade we chopped down one a year.

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