100 Challenge Theme ‘Love’


Theme: Love
Mixed Decks Deal: plunder, sunshine, avalanche, callouses, because

My innocent plunder
Was loving you
I expected sunshine
And raindrops soft as kisses
But your affection
Is an avalanche
And digging out
Has left callouses
On my heart
I say goodbye
Because I want sunshine
And raindrops soft as kisses

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4 thoughts on “100 Challenge Theme ‘Love’

  1. Let sunshine warm our bodies
    As we recover from the ache in our body,
    For now we are one because of
    our loving acts.

    I plundered you over and over again,
    You lips creating sounds louder than an avalanche,
    Though our hearts continued to rumble long after
    You voice gave out.

    Now be not callous to my gentle caress.
    Leave me not this morning,
    But stay with me forever. As my heart and
    Love you’ve captured.

  2. A student at our school wrote this poem submitted by Kimberly

    Don’t plunder my heart
    Its dropping harder than the rain
    Saying these words give me so much pain
    but take this to heart and take this to tears
    Its a black and white world because
    You have taken my sunshine
    I never loved you anyways
    You’re hurting me more than an avalanche.
    My heart has become calloused with all these rocks dropped on me.

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