100 Challenge Theme Abandoned


Theme: Abandoned
Mixed Decks Deal: candle, whip, toys, invent, paddle

Three leagues I chased your candle
For your flame to kiss me once, a whip of wanting,
And the cut still stings with lust.
The heat of it burned my moth wings away,
And I am left to stumble on legs,
Those disappointing inventions of evolution
Like the heart that heals to break again.
I asked for this when I followed you,
To be picked up and discarded at your whim
Like an overgrown, outgrown toy.
Back to the shore where the waters soothe the burn,
three leagues I paddle home.

Post your poem with this deal in the comments! Also, check out the 100 Theme Challenge at The Poetry Cafe.

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One thought on “100 Challenge Theme Abandoned

  1. I was going to say this would be more fun if it were a dirtier theme. I think I did okay. I’m so reading this on youtube after a shower.

    Marionettes are not real men

    By the candle, glimpse me now.
    The wooden boy, the tiny clothes,
    The childish strings tying me tightly
    And binding me to my master.

    Play with me, master, don’t
    Let the lights dim or the strings go.
    You whip me and I dance in ecstasy.
    You toy with me, make me dance.

    But master invented new toys,
    New pleasures created in her
    boredom: paddles in the hands
    Of foreign men. No more dolls.

    I sit in my corner, watching her
    New thrills, watching her cry out
    As I had never been able to make her.
    I’m but a boy, and she now is a woman.

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