100 Theme Challenge ‘67%’

100 Theme Challenge: 67%
Mixed Decks Deal: stroller, insistence, supremely, always, so

Life is not a sometimes
It’s an always
A thorn that pricks at your dreaming
With a nagging insistence
That says “Live me.”
And you answer
By clipping the leash on the dog
And keeping up with the stroller.
But life should still be dreaming,
Underneath the supreme suit
And the I’m-so-the-boss face,
To keep your heart charged
At more than 67%.

As always, leave your poem written from this deal in the comments. Thanks for playing!

2 thoughts on “100 Theme Challenge ‘67%’

  1. I have to admit, today was a bum day. Then I saw this and my mood instantly lightened. Though I’m guessing. I don’t know what 67% means. Just getting by? Well here goes, and thanks for the pick me up!

    Father in a Suburban Dream

    This is the family he’s stuck with.
    This is the burden he bears.
    Stroller in hand as he pushes, sullen
    Down a sidewalk of dreams stolen.

    This is the child, had with woman so dull,
    A woman once loved, but now not at all.
    Children complain, But the cubicle
    He hates pays bills for food and fun.

    Society insists he must provide all life
    Long, but he wishes to leave, to die.
    The child, supremely sleep, rubs her eyes,
    Arriving home. Always she looks up in admiration.

    Father looks at the ground, shamed by
    His thoughts. The desire to quit grips him,
    But he must give enough for his family to
    Survive. So he gives 67%, and continues the lie.

    1. That’s kind of what I got from it. The 67% is from the 100 Theme Challenge on The Poetry Cafe. I’m not sure if I’ll get through all of them this year, but it adds a spin to a poetry poker hand.

      Thanks for posting in the comments, Paul. Hope it helped you purge a bit.

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