Friends with Benefits

As I meet fellow writers, I make friends. Not with all of them, but with a few. I like it–intelligent people with similar interests. We talk about writing, and ideas, and life because we see it through the same rich, creative filter.

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4 thoughts on “Friends with Benefits

  1. Great post, Christine! So relative to what I’m experiencing as well. When I finish a work and share, I always think of the beginning credits of The Lion King, when Mufasa hold up his baby cub for the world to see. Only no one told Mufasa his baby was ugly, or if he just trimmed a little bit of hair here or there and bathed the cub in “I Don’t Suck” juice than maybe he’d have a viable king someday. (Sigh) Disney left me so ill-equipped to face reality. I think what it really boils down to is we want that awed moment where a piece is perfect just the way it is and the world goes “WOW!” Someday, I hope to reach that level. Until then, I love my friends with benefits!

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