From the Snufaloo to his Love

Poetry Poker Deal.
Mixed Decks: roundly, snout, pride, slice, on

From the Snufaloo to his Love

The most beautiful creature
that e’er was born
has a tail and snout
and a three prong-ed horn.

Her round derrier
is a source of great pride.
She sways and she flaunts it
since there’s too much to hide.

She lives in tomorrow
and visits today.
She talks on the celly
and does nothing but play.

She’s my slice of pure heaven,
my shoe and my glove,
my Snufaloo princess,
my darling to love.

Now, I did you all a solid and hyphenated ‘pronged’ for the rhythm in case you haven’t practiced your iambic meter in a while. I also stayed phonetic with ‘celly,’ like the British version of ‘tele’ so you wouldn’t have to think to hard. This poem is for silliness! Not for thinking!

As I’ve done before, I will send a free set of decks to the first person who posts their poem using this deal in the comments. Are you a player?

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