For Sale

I have a house for sale. It was my escape house, but I don’t need it anymore. It’s a long story that nobody needs, but the happy ending is that I have the home and everything I’ve ever wanted and I don’t need that house anymore. Now it’s going to be my ticket to being an author mom. It’s my ticket to a different kind of freedom–freedom from bosses and coworkers and ironed shirts.

Actually, I never wore ironed shirts to work. I used to wear my karate gi all day, with the occasional blouse or sweater thrown in. I liked it that way. I’m a tomboy and sometimes just getting dressed up feels like more work than the job. I don’t have a job anymore. I’m an author, and after I sell my house I can actually afford to be an author.

That deserves a smiley face emoticon.

I’ve been working with my husband to get this house cleaned up to sell. We’re doing the little things, like switching out faucets and light fixtures and painting. It’s a good house, almost a century old and still watching traffic zip down the road.

I don’t miss my job, but I do miss wearing my gi. Karate is awesome. My first financial goal as an author is to afford dojo fees.

I was up painting until the wee hours of the morning and I went back today to clean. Things are looking good, but I got lonely and came home to tuck my kids in bed. I’m about to tuck myself in bed. Driving home through the canyon in the dark is harder to do when I’m this tired, and the rednecks in Utah drive fast. I watched halogen headlights close in behind me then pass my minivan, knowing that most of those Audis and Volkswagons had guns and fishing line in them somewhere.

When the polar ice caps melt and drive the Californians up here, they’ll drive fast and have guns and fishing line in their cars, too. Maybe even maps of Sasquatch sightings.

All of this, the painting and the cleaning and the driving, was made possible by an iced venti mocha light. Two days in a row. Might have one tomorrow even though I’m not going to work on the house. Might top it off with a chocolate chai latte. Might even have them dirty that chai.

Maybe I should go to bed now-ish.

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