The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions Prologue

I wrote a prologue for The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions with my first round edits that the final book didn’t really need, so why not share it with you? It’s set in a different place than the first book and gives you just a peek of what the world is like.

Remember, this is a young adult dystopian world decimated by a bio-enhanced plague. These are characters who don’t appear in the first book but who play a part in the world.

(Deleted) PROLOGUE
The breeze picked up. Even this far inland he could smell the salt of the water and the sun-warmed sand of the beach.

Paradise. He ran the brush over the horse’s thick neck. I crossed the ocean and made them promises and they came. I gave them the arena, and they made me a kingdom.

The horse sniffed at the air and huffed.

“Good girl,” he smoothed his hand down her chest and looked out at the sunlight. Footsteps echoed through the courtyard, measured and intentional. He knew it was Marcus before the man stepped in to the stable.

“Winters,” Marcus’s voice was almost feminine. The man, average in all regards except for his extravagant green and gold robes, was out of breath from his jaunt through the gardens.

Many of the politicians wore clothes from before the First Wave, but Marcus preferred the dress of the ancient Romans, saying that it exemplified the glory that has returned to the earth.

Marcus is a fool. But that’s what Winters needed. He needed a fool who was good with politics and pretty words. A fool who would follow orders and keep secrets.

A perfect fool like Marcus.

“I told you not to call me Winters,” he leveled Marcus with a warning gaze.

Marcus waved an arm. “My apologies, sir, but I don’t think anybody remembers.”

Winters continued with the brush. “It’s only been half a century, Marcus. I killed most of the world. They remember.”

Nodding, Marcus fidgeted and twisted his hands. “But you’ve also brought it back to life.” As an official, Marcus played the politics flawlessly, but when he approached Winters alone, he turned into a simpering, apologetic goat.

Winters brushed the mare and let Marcus fret.

“Sir?” Marcus finally asked.

Winters slid his hands up to the mare’s ears. “What is it, Marcus?”

“A no-code.”

Excitement and a thread of fear twisted together in Winters’ gut. “You said we had them all.”

“We did, but a stray showed up in the old world.” Marcus pinched his lips together and continued to wring his hands.

A stray. Winters resumed his brushing. How interesting. “You are dismissed.”

“But what do you want me to do?” Marcus held up his hands.

Winters continued brushing. “I want you to shut up and leave.”

Marcus’s breath was audible as he released it. His robes kicked up dust as he spun and left the stables, his footsteps retreating in the same echo as before.

Winters ran his hand along the crest of the mare’s mane. “Time to go hunting.”

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7 thoughts on “The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions Prologue

  1. Thanks for the like on my website! I like your composition here. Has the perfect balance of dialogue, description and suspense. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m actually very interested in what you are doing on your website. I’m at the verge of a book launch and have fallen behind on my reading! I plan on spending a day catching up on all of the stories.

      1. Thank you! That is very kind for you to say. I am working towards some of my own book ‘launchings’ in addition to the game next year. I know how busy you can be! Keep me updated!

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