The Plague Legacy Minecraft Skins


My kids are my number one fans, especially my teenage boys. My thirteen-year-old has helped me with the story, and he’s a Minecraft fAnaTiC. When he’s not playing Minecraft, he’s watching Youtube videos of other people playing Minecraft. His friends are also Minecraft fanatics, but I guess that’s what you get with junior high boys before they discover that it’s hard to meet girls in a video game.

Isn’t it? I guess I don’t really know. I hope I don’t find out some day that I’m going to have boxy pixelated grandchildren.

Anyway, my son’s a fan and a big supporter of my book series, The Plague Legacy. He’s showing me his love by making Minecraft skins of my characters. Here they are as ‘printable minis,’ which means they are mostly the head and some of the legs. My son cut them out and glued them together to give them to his English teacher—not me. He’d give them to me, but he gets the gist of marketing and he’s happy to spread the word. It’s Cam, Austin, Devon, and Myla from Acquisitions.

We like to take a fun picture for our Christmas cards every year, and we all had different ideas. My son wanted us to be Minecraft skins by putting boxes on our heads. Other options were cookies and presents. We had a drawing. I won. We’re going to be Glamorous Zombies if I can get the plans together. Kind of okay not wearing a box.

His obsession with a video game drives me crazy sometimes. I’m worried that his brain will rot and his social skills will atrophy, but my husband and I set strict limits and take all of his ‘devices’ away and make him play with his dog. Actually, he’s a pretty good kid already. Maybe it’s because we’re strict about things. Maybe it’s because God was just really nice to us.

I understand some of the interest in Minecraft. It’s not just levels to defeat, wandering through someone else’s world according to their rules. Minecraft offers a lot of a opportunity for creation. I think that’s why the junior high kids like it so much. Those thirteen-year-olds are getting big but they still don’t get to make a lot of decisions about their worlds. They’ve got parents and teachers and coaches and older siblings all handing it down, but when they slip into that screen they get to play a limited version of a digital god.

If you’re a Minecraft fan, look up monferno780. He’ll be happy to share his skins with you.

Happy Skinning!

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