Author Interview: Christine Haggerty

Hey, here I am! Paul was one of my first blogging friends and he started the project at, a common fantasy world. This is a great interview–I got to show of some of my smarts.

Thanks, Paul.


My blog friend, Christine Haggerty, was recently published by Fox Hollow Publications. She is their first book published, and it is her first book published! She is also working on writing a novella, which will hopefully be published between the first book in her series, Acquisitionsand the second book in the series, Assets, which I’ve been assured she is working on dutifully, alongside the novella.

Acquisitions is about a boy, Cam, who is trying to find his identity, both socially and physically. After a plague wiped out most of humanity, including his family, he was taken to a sort of orphanage. There he’s picked on by a mutant, Devon. The mutants are part of the plague’s aftermath, being far stronger than humans. As time goes, however, Cam starts becoming romantically interested in mutants he meets, along with finding his body change in severe ways. Who will…

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