Horse Tattoo Drawing


Here is a horse tattoo design I drew this week. If you like it, share it, but please share responsibly and give me credit.

I’m working on the designs for the Houses of Salvation, part of the world in The Plague Legacy: Assets, which I’m working on now that the first book of the series has been published.

Assets is requiring a lot more world building than Acquisitions. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as part of the psych-out that is my current writer’s block.

This horse drawing is the first I’ve done…ever. It’s not going to cut it as the final version for the House of Four Horsemen, but I like it. I’ll post the final version when I get it drawn.

4 thoughts on “Horse Tattoo Drawing

  1. That is a very nifty spin on the tribal tattoo. I like it very much =)

    If you need some inspiration, search up ‘Darksiders’ on Google. It involves the Four Horsemen (people actually, as one of the four is a lady), and the design is AWESOME!

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