Author Corner–Christine Haggerty

Here’s an interview of me by the talented Erin Britt. Thanks, Erin!


E: Happy New Year, Christine!  Hope the holidays were good to you.  There’s some leftover turkey if you want it.  I think it’s a bit…well, suspect, but Charlie insists it’s perfectly fine.

C: I’m sure Charlie knows his turkey. Thanks..wait, this tastes a little like cat. Where’s Smeagol?

No kittens were harmed in the posting of this interview. Charlie’s lucky.

E: Your debut novel is called The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions.  What can you tell us about it?

C: Acquisitions opens in a world devastated by a bio-engineered plague. It’s been about half a century since the plague first hit, and after a second attack, the world is more intent on surviving than recovering. The main character, Cam, is being shipped to a new version of Rome to be sold as a slave. He has lost his family and tries to recreate some of those relationships with the friends that…

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