The House of Four Horsemen Tattoo

Yep, more horse tattoos. The first was just a warm-up as I figured out how part of my dystopian gladiator culture worked in The Plague Legacy.

My world has nine gladiator houses, like the original gladiator schools in the Roman Empire called ludi. In my story, they are all privately owned, although the deck is stacked for those who want to maintain power.

Here is the initiate tattoo for House of Four Horsemen:
Christine Haggerty House of Four Horsemen Initiate Tattoo

After a fighter has passed a series of challenges, they earn the remaining parts of the tattoo and this is what it looks like when it’s finished. I do have a lot of details to work out with this futuristic ‘Roman’ culture based on the arena, but the drawing part is pretty fun.

Here is the full tattoo for House of Four Horsemen:

More to come! If you want to catch up on the world of The Plague Legacy, the first in the series, Acquisitions, is available on Amazon (Print copies coming soon!).

4 thoughts on “The House of Four Horsemen Tattoo

  1. Good work. If the initiate has to earn their full tattoo, maybe start with just the outline. As they win fights, an area is blackened. The final piece is the fiery eye, which proves they are deadly as they can possibly be. Defeating a rival House Champion would earn it?

    Looking forward to the eight remaining. You’ve set a high bar, and I am sure you can rise to it =)

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