Me, Me, Me

I published a book, and the result is that I’ve had to develop a split personality to deal with all of the narcissism of READ MY BOOK! READ ABOUT ME! LISTEN ABOUT ME! It’s actually one of the more difficult aspects of being published, but I am following my publisher’s and published friends’ coaching and doing it all anyway.

I have a book review posted by the esteemed D. James Fortesque, one of my writing team for the Lands of Unitus. I also want to remind you of the podcast by Anneque G. Malchien. I thought she did a great job editing out the parts of the interview that made me sound stupid and what’s left is actually worth listening to. Well, at least the narcissistic half of me thinks so, and wholeheartedly.

Together, Anneque and James make up 100% of the people I know in Australia, where apparently it’s blazing hot.
The Plague Legacy Skull Tattoo
I threw in this sketch of a skull so that this post wouldn’t just be full of links. This is what I picture for the skull that marks a group in my world of The Plague Legacy: Assets. Trying to ignore the reviews and keep on keepin’ on with book two of the series.

I have a blog tour coming up as well, so my narcissism will be very buff and healthy by the middle of the year. Thanks for all of the support.

8 thoughts on “Me, Me, Me

  1. Nice skull!
    You didn’t have a bad line in the whole interview! Cutting out parts of the audio was like cutting out parts of my heart.

    Best luck with everything, you super star! 😀

      1. You’re very welcome. 🙂

        You realise we have to arrange a mixed martial arts tournament, don’t you?

  2. I know how you feel, Christine. Blowing one’s own trumpet doesn’t come easily to most of us. Glad to see that you’ve jumped in at the deep end—I’d never have the nerve to do a podcast!

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