Poetry Poker Poetry Cafe Theme Mashup

The Poetry Cafe, proudly created by one of my former English students who grew up into his truly awesome self, is now sponsoring a mashup of their 100 Theme Challenge and Poetry Poker.

It’s my very nerdy dream come true.

Their first deal, for the month of February, is: invincible, out, tricks, swear, and always. I wrote two poems with the words.


Sorrow (Theme)
You say you are invincible
like the house made out of bricks
but I see you as the wizard
and you’re running thin on tricks

the soul is such a fragile beast
with sinews made of glass
its promises and parchment wings
cannot be sworn to last

collect your armor and your heart
and eave the answers where they lie
for while it’s always hard to do
it’s never too late to cry


Dreams (Theme)
One day I may seek the invincible
the elusive sense of being complete
that somehow slips out of my grasp
like a tender flame that cannot last
when hope succumbs to tricks of the past
It is a tainted wish for joy
a pricking desire to BE that I swear
the dark shadows haunt and defeat
the soul that my demons seek to eat
This is always my nightmare played on repeat

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