Meet Charley

Christine Haggerty and Charley
Christine Haggerty and Charley

Meet Charley. He stayed to talk to me for a few minutes after I presented to his creative writing class along with my friends Lehua Parker and Angela Hartley.

I don’t think of myself as a celebrity. I’m actually a little shy, comfortable in a classroom because I did it for so many years. And I generally like teenagers.

Yep, I like those silly kids who are like toddlers on steroids. They’re about to be one of us, one of the adults, and I think they’ll rock this life.

Charley made me feel a little bit like a celebrity by staying to talk to me.

Charley’s class participated in a creative writing activity where they responded to a picture prompt by writing a passage. Here is Charley’s passage:

Darren couldn’t tell if it was early morning or late afternoon. Whichever way he went, the light got brighter and dimmer. The branches spoke with an eerie howl. The shadows followed him like a lost puppy. Darren wanted them to leave, but they were the only things keeping him company. The silence was deafening. He could hear his heart pound in his chest like the throbbing in his head.

Charley Culpeper

The simile comparing shadows to a puppy? Brilliant.

Thanks, Charley, for making my day.

11 thoughts on “Meet Charley

  1. It feels awesome to be the topic for a blog post. This is so cool! And it was awesome to get the chance to talk to you.

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