First Author Appearances

I had a busy week last week. There are different kinds of busy–regular-routine busy, bad-news busy, and new-and-exciting busy. I was new-and-exciting busy.

I made my first author appearance at Irene Hasting’s Creative Writing class at the UVU Wasatch Campus. Irene is also the president of our local chapter of the League of Utah Writers. Her class was very gracious and involved in learning about what it’s like to be a newly fledged author.

My author cohorts, Lehua Parker and Angela Hartley, traveled with me to Utah’s Uintah Basin to speak to some high school students about our experiences as authors. (I thought of it as going to play.) Our first stop was Union High School, where we plied the talents of Mrs. Killian’s theater classes to act out some scenes we had written. These guys were AWESOME. The videos will be in following blogs and on my friends’ blogs.

We also answered questions as a panel for a class of Teaching Literature students at Utah State University Uintah Basin. The teacher, Vini Exton, is amazing and was (is still) an inspiring mentor for me.

Our third stop was Mr. Scow’s Creative Writing classes at Uintah High School in Vernal where the students were early-morning zombies who woke up in time to write great passages from an activity prompt. You read the first in my last post, Meet Charley. I’ll have more of those passages up soon, too.

I think visiting students in their classrooms is my A+ option for reaching out to my audience. They are fun–even the kids who talk too much–and I had a great time with my author friends, as well.

Whew! That was a quick summary, but the good stuff is still to come…maybe even later today :).


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