Hammer–Poetry Poker Poem

Here’s a Poetry Poker poem from playing with my students in 2010.

Mixed Decks Deal: simple, confessed, flawless, subtle, over
If you need the rules for Poetry Poker, check out the Poetry Poker Page.

I found the tinker sitting at his bench
in the market of souls
and I dropped stiffly to one bruised knee
to beg a simple favor–simple, surely, for a tinker
such as he
“I am broke,” I confessed, my eyes
closed to the flawless sky
and a single cloud’s shadow
passed undetected over my heart
The tinker paused, the final tap of his
silver hammer
echoing in the subtle breeze for one heartbeat
“Yes,” he agreed. “I see that.”
“Can you…” I began.
And he pressed the hammer in my
trembling palm.

Leave your poem using this Poetry Poker deal in the comments and I will send you a set of ten decks just for playing with me.


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