Unraveling Alex (Part 1)–The Plague Legacy

Hello folks,
I officially have my first piece of fan fiction for The Plague Legacy. I am honored to share it with you, especially since it was written by Joshua Robertson, with his own blog and also part of the VOID RPG project.

Unraveling Alex

Alex cringed, not budging from his hiding place. He watched helplessly as the hundreds of other orphans fled from the deck, escaping the storm. He could not find Cam in the crowd. It did not matter though. He was sure that Cam would come for him.

“Get below to the Level 4!” another Regulator shouted from the deck. The storm was building, waves crashing against the ship’s hull. The rain pattering against the wooden planks increased in intensity.

The warm sensation that flowed down his leg and heated his crotch was almost comforting in comparison to the cold raindrops. Alex licked his lips softly as he peed himself, seemingly unaware of his own actions. It was not until his pants clung to his pale skin, nearly gelatinous, that the small boy realized what he was doing.


It was too late to stop the flow of urine. He wrapped his hands around his knees and rocked himself softly as he finished emptying his bladder.


Alex locked his jaw awkwardly. He could hear Hannah’s mocking voice as though she were sitting next to him. She had called him Puddles since he had said told her that she was pretty. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut. Maybe he should do something to shut her mouth!

He grumbled to himself unintelligibly, rocking faster. The rainfall matted his hair against his scalp.

Alex bobbed his head, trying to ease his racing thoughts. He could not even spend time around Hannah anymore without her insulting him, or shooing him away. He thought they were friends! They had come from the same Schoolhouse! They were supposed to be friends!

It didn’t matter. Cam was his friend now.

Where was Cam?

His hands were shaking as he reached upward to push his glasses onto his nose, only to find that they still were missing. The frames had fallen off in the lower decks near the corpse on Level 2 in the sludge. He hadn’t looked at the corpse for long, but he knew it was there. He could still smell its rotten flesh. His stomach churned at the thought, or maybe it was the ship swaying uncontrollably in the choppy waters. Alex couldn’t be sure.

He shivered. The warmness of his pants was quickly fading, goose bumps forming on this thighs and lower legs. He needed to stay warm until Cam came to get him! He wasn’t even sure where he had put his snot-covered coat. He could freeze without it! He did not want to die from pneumonia.

“Pneumonia,” he said with a squealed chuckle, “They died from pneumonia.” Alex grinned without restraint from ear to ear, rocking harder on his haunches. His eyes scanned the deck like a fragile, wild animal.

He was alone.

Alex tilted his head and shuddered, his features growing paler. He could hear silent, bloodcurdling shrieks with the gale. “So much blood,” he hissed.

Snot dripped from his nose and etched down his face past his chin. He licked it off of his lips, the salty taste bringing him back to his senses. Using his hand, he wiped away the mucus and rubbed it on his pants.

The smell of his own urine pierced his nostrils.

“Cam,” he whispered nauseously, and then louder, “Cam!”

His only answer was the thunder booming in the murky sky above. He couldn’t stay here on the deck. He was going to have to go below with the rest of the orphans.

Alex had only taken a few steps with his arms tightly folded across his chest, when he noticed how soaked his pants really were. He stopped the tears from swelling up in his eyes. He stood helplessly on the deck, re-experiencing the shock of what he had done, bracing himself against the windstorm that accompanied the rain.

It did not matter how long he stayed in the rain. It was more than evident he had pissed himself. Not to mention that he reeked like the Schoolhouse outhouse.

“Nice job, Alex. Smartest kid alive and cannot control your damn bladder,” he muttered to himself irritably. He did not even hesitate using the curse word. He did not have an image to maintain when he was alone. “Now what?”

Watch for Part 2 later this week…

4 thoughts on “Unraveling Alex (Part 1)–The Plague Legacy

  1. Reblogged this on Robertson Writes and commented:
    Christine has been kind enough to post Part 1 of a fan fiction I wrote about a character in her wonderful book, The Plague Legacy: Acquisitions. I hope you all enjoy. Part 2 will be coming soon!

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