Writing Happiness

I wrote a 1000 word elf story for a blog contest on Legendary Post. It was fun. I thought it was cool, so I sent it to my sister because she said she would really like to be in my acknowledgements some day.

I asked her if she liked it. She mentioned something about it being dark. I teased her about liking happy endings.

Then this is what she said:

It’s not just the endings I like to be happy. I’m your fancy sister. You committed murder and betrayal, widowed a spouse, and orphaned a child in 1000 words. I’m impressed but, also a little tarnished. 🙂

I’m glad she included the smiley face on the end of that. Puts a little honey on the end of her summary. She’s right, though. I think of stories and I think of the absolutely worst thing that could happen and I make it happen, and then when I revise, I try to increase the level of despair, betrayal…you know, the things she mentioned.

So, I promised that I would write a happy story, just for her. She wants unicorns (at least one), a giant sparkley (which may or may not be evil), and goblins. I told her it will be awesome…

And so far, I got nothin’.

I’m not sure why, or maybe I don’t want to look at why, it is difficult for me to conceive of happy stories and happy endings. I’m not much for writing humor, or jokes, or even banter. I laugh in my life, but I give my characters none of that bubbly free feeling.

I’ve resolved to change that. Now, I don’t think I’ll ever write anything that makes you think of rainbows and sunshine—that’s a pretty high bar for me. I do think that I can at least figure out how to write decent banter. My practice field is going to be the episodes I write for a collaborative fantasy world blog here on WordPress. I have named my part of this world the Islands of Insight, and I tried for some banter in Episode 10.

How’d I do? Also, check out the other guys. I’m pretty sure that collectively we will cover the full gamut of human/humanoid/creature experiences.

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