Where the Nerds Gather–FantasyCon 2014

I officially have some bragging rights. First,the narcissistic part. I have been invited to be on two panels at FantasyCon! Invited! Whoa! Like…someone out there knows my name.

I didn’t even have it on my radar even though it’s only an hour away from my house. I’m too busy drafting/revising and the family reunions and playdates are cramping my schedule like nothing else. I also never planned on making much of a marketing push until I had my third book drafted and a little more breathing room from deadlines to focus on social media and conferences and all that jazz.

And it’s a lot of jazz. I’m already star struck just looking at the celebrity profiles on the website. What?! It’s worth a look, especially if you like dragons because they have a pretty cool logo and a nice site and one of the big deals is supposed to be a 40 foot dragon.

Now for the flip side of narcissism. This is my first panel. Ever. I know what I’m talking about, but sometimes I get a sort of dysgraphic speech thing going when I’m excited and anxious and my brain moves way faster than my mouth and my syntax sounds like it’s been jumping on the trampoline.

I’ll be on the panel with people I know. Some very cool people. I hope that helps me relax. I don’t know anything about cons. I’m more of an introvert and have to gear up and put on my emotional armor to deal with large crowds.

And what do I wear? Seems silly, but I don’t know if we should be in cosplay or if we should try to look like an author (which would really mean sweats and coffee).

Deep breath.

Okay, I’m excited. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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