Author Appearances

I’m getting around, Ladies and Gents. Not like a certain lady whose name has the initials JJ, but more like a small Ferris wheel.

My blogging has fallen down the tubes lately, but it’s been because of a swinging author business and an attempt to have a summer, all of which has gone swimmingly thank-you-very-much.

My kids went back to school today. Whew. It’s high school for the older two and first grade for the youngest. I’d say I’m not sure what to do with myself, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to offer up that challenge–life has quite the sense of humor sometimes and I don’t want to give her too much room.

I have been asked and I’ve said yes…to a string of author events. If you’re anywhere nearby, come by and say hello. I might even have some freebie swag for you if you say you know me from my blog.

Swiss Days on August 29&30–I will be part of a booth of authors at ReBook on Midway’s quaint main street during their annual Swiss Days event. It’s a huge event and growing every year.

Salt Lake Comic Con on September 4-6–Look for the Utah Fantasy Authors booth. We have a 30 foot stretch of books and swag for sale. We might even look like some of your favorite comic book characters :).

League of Utah Writers Fall Conference on September 12&13–I will be presenting on How to Write Fight Scenes. Warning: May be slightly experiential.

Life, the Universe, and Everything 2015–Panels, anyone? This conference is becoming one of the top in the nation for speculative fiction. I will add details when I have them. So far, I’ve been encouraged to speak on the Horror Writing track of topics.

Author’s Combat Academy on April 17-19–Here I get to be a Rental Ninja. Yeah, really. No, really. A Rental Ninja. Oh, and I’m presenting on the basics of writing fight scenes and on building mythology and culture behind a martial art. Twice. Each. You can actually see my picture on the page of speakers. Lookin’ good, yeah?

Not sure what else might come up. Figure I’ll write a couple of books in the meantime… :).

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