Interactive Readership

For about the past year, I was involved with a really cool group of authors working on a really cool concept. We were building a world together with the plan to have our characters interact and maybe to have others pick up some story lines as guest-posters. The best thing about it was working with other awesome talented people. The hard part was not having a plan and having so many involved that in the end we never really got to the interactive part or even to an agreement on what that should look like or where we should go.

I know there’s a way to do this right. I’m sure there are others already doing it well and knocking some lucky fans’ socks off with their world and stories. I’m one of those people who has a hard time letting it go–not the project necessarily, but HOW to do the project and make it work.

What we wanted was to first interact with each other and then bring in fans. As a fan, what genre would you interest you? As a professional (banker, human, writer, reader, knick-knack-paddy whacker), what genre do you think would draw in the most fans overall?

What else would you want? Illustrations? Contests? Illustration contests? A say in the next plot twist? A vote on the color of your favorite character’s hair?

Feed it to me, people…I need to have this figured out so my brain will go to sleep at night.

4 thoughts on “Interactive Readership

  1. Christine, why limit yourselves with one genre or format for the anthology?
    Do the unexpected – MIX’n’MATCH genre / illustrations / writing / poetry / the works!
    That will catch every reader unawares and (I suspect) be a first in such a book!

  2. Go with an alternate reality of earth. Allows you to hit urban fantasy, mystery, and a number of other genres. You can add in cities as you need more space to move. Each city would have its own arc to go along, where people could vote on things, create locations for future scenes, create characters to influence the story, etc. Choose your own adventures, badges which give you points to purchase things, and the like will give an awesome interactive ability. Actually trying to get a friend to make a java game for me.

    1. I think games and collaborative/interactive projects require similar structure on the ground level. I’ve been leaning toward urban fantasy as the most generally effective genre for feedback because it hits the most media interactive generations.

      Interested to see your java game.

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