Review of Acquisitions

I’m having a good day.

I spent the morning churning ideas with a couple of other writers, and then, as I scrolled through my bookmarks for a link, I came across the link I had saved so that I would remember to go back to the site to check for a review. It takes six weeks or more, which is a guarantee that I would forget.

But I saved it in my links. And I looked. And I got a review. By the main guy who runs the site, Michael D. Griffiths. That means that he saw the book and decided to read it himself instead of sending it out to another reviewer.

Wow. Obviously it was a good review, or I wouldn’t have shared it with you. Sometimes I’m not that mature.

My favorite part of the review is his summary:
“Still, this is without a doubt the best young adult novel I have read in quite a while. or perhaps since I was one myself. I think lovers of young adult fiction should give this one a try and most post apocalyptic fans of all sorts would get something out of this, too.”
Michael D. Griffiths

Wow. Four stars. From this guy.

If you want to scratch my back, the site allows for readers to also participate and review books on there. I might have to scroll through their titles and pay that favor forward as well.

Thanks for sticking through my ‘me’ post. 🙂


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