Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Anthology

I have a genius friend. Actually, I have several genius friends, but this friend is genius in her own special way. With part of the plan for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 revolving around an anthology sampler, she put this together and built a new business around it, Shark Bait Books.


Utah Fantasy Authors Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Anthology
She’s still building her services, but if you are going to an event as an author, or with a group of authors, you should seriously consider something like this anthology. We gave it away for free. If you’re a reader, too, you should check out the books and links in this anthology. It’s free as Fresh Bait on the site right now, but I’ve linked it to the permalink so that generations for all time can find the anthology when they randomly Google this post. When I’m done presenting, I’m going to offer Hansel and Gretel on Shark Bait Books as a free eBook, with the cover designed by Paul Pederson, the artist who did this anthology cover. It will cost me a little money to build the eBook, but it should more than return the investment in fans.

Go to my Facebook Page and Like and Comment for a chance to win a 16X20 poster of the anthology cover.

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