Dark Daughter–Episode 2 Lover

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Dark Daughter Episode 2–Lover
It pulsed, not with the beat of her heart, but with a rhythm of its own. It did not bother Kichi. The darkness had always been there, had always threaded itself through the colors of Kyran’s emotions. Tonight it was stronger than it had ever been, but so was Kyran’s unrest.

She pushed his hand off of her hip, “I’m not sure, Kichi.”

That bothered him far more than the darkness. He was a Soul Seer. He existed to see the soul and heal its hurt. He could sense her desire, see it, when he touched her, and still she pushed his hand away. The crystal veins that webbed the walls of his cave intensified momentarily with Kichi’s frustration, and Kyran took his hand and kissed it softly.

“I need you to listen first, listen and feel my words. I don’t know what to do,” Kyran shifted and pressed her body against his, seeking his warmth but not his touch.

Kichi laid his head on his arm and breathed in the salt air scent of her hair. “You do not have to leave. People, creatures, from all over this world brave the Mists to seek their answers here in the Crystal City. You can stay, Kyran, join souls with me. You will be happy.”

It was an old conversation, and her colors flared and churned. Kichi found the strip of silk tied at the end of her long braid and tugged it off, then combed his fingers through her hair. He had delicate fingers, fingers made for tending the gardens and, he liked to think, tending Kyran’s body.

Her soul settled with his soothing, but the darkness did not. Maybe the shaman was right. Maybe she must find her answers elsewhere, but he pushed those thoughts into the crystal web until they ebbed and faded. No, his fingers worked through a snag, she will be my soulmate. It is meant to be.

Her voice echoed off of the stone and the living crystal, distant and sad. “Where did I come from? I am not a Soul Seer. I am not like the other creatures who have come here seeking your healing gifts. Have you ever known of another like me to come through the Mists?”

Kichi forgot to listen, caught up in the way her hair fell through his fingers, like the way the water flowed through the gardens. Beautiful, he thought as much of her soul as he did of her hair and her body. Kyran had always been restless, impatient—emotions that were the luxury of those who could not see souls—but she had always responded to his nurturing, letting him soothe her.

“Did you hear what I said, Kichi?” she turned, and the crystal illuminated the frustration in her dark eyes.

He touched her shoulder, then her breast. “Let us rest on it tonight. Let me bring you pleasure, Kyran, and we can talk of it tomorrow while we harvest the tamashii flowers,” he leaned forward to kiss her, and she sat up.

“Tonight I do not care about pleasure, or tamasii flowers, or the gardens. I’m trying to talk to you, Kichi.” She stood and pulled on her robe. “I need a friend, not a lover, or a soul seer. I thought I needed you, but I need to be alone.”

He did not speak as she walked out of his cave. He could see the stars from his bed, their energy clear on this side of the Mists. He knew she would climb to the top of the falls, where she could see the darkness over the sea and hear the waves crash into the cliffs.

He did not follow.

The Soul Seers live on a series of islands called the Islands of Insight. What do you think I should name the overall world for the Soul Seers and all who come through the Mists (next episode) to seek their healing magic? Why that name?

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