Silver Quill Award

When I think of a quill, I actually think of the blue feather imagery in Richard Bach’s Illusions. I want a tattoo on my left wrist of this feather because it symbolizes stepping out of the box of the world’s restrictions and going as far as your imagination can take you.

I’m celebrating because I won the Silver Quill award from the League of Utah Writers, which is like second place for published young adult novels in the state of Utah. They gave me a certificate and a space pen and a string of shiny silver stickers to put on my books when I go places.



I had my friends sign my certificate because, even though it sounds cliche, I really never would have been there if it hadn’t been for them. Or if they hadn’t been with me at the same table making sure that Johnny Worthen didn’t break the glassware when the League announced that he was Writer of the Year.

Writers are generally solitary introverts who prefer to spend time with the people in their heads rather than real people who can reject them or actually do that things writers’ write about. We’re mostly the shy, creative types walking the line of insecurity and insanity. Friends–real friends–are precious and potentially few. I’ve made some amazing friends, and they are precious. And they signed my certificate so that every day I walk this line, they walk it with me.

Thanks, Friends.

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