Fallen Dreams

Poetry Poker Deal
Poetry Poker Deal

Poetry Poker Deal: star, board, alone, character, epitome

Fallen Dreams

Once I was a star catcher

with a soul made of light and dust

and a future made of fire,

but darkness plucked my feathers

and stole my heavenly wings.

Now my heart is cracked and stacked with facts

and boards and chores and broken things,

my soul alone without the light–

the epitome of fallen dreams.



Play with me! Write your own poem using these five words and post it in the comments. If I like it, I will send you a set of decks.

2 thoughts on “Fallen Dreams

  1. I should be a star,
    a character in a sold-out show,
    thousands there to see me, alone!
    But instead,

    I stand at the board of this two-bit production,
    the Director, the epitome of Wanna-be,
    And my name is nowhere to be found!

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