Revision Round 1–Hansel and Gretel

Here’s a PDF of my first revision notes for Hansel and Gretel. In short, most of the scenes are about half worth keeping and half need to be rewritten. That’s consistent throughout the entire draft. I also decided I’m missing at least one more interaction between the twins, and I need a little more between Gretel and Orlick, or Hansel and Orlick.

For this round, I recognized several things that could be better. For a first round, the focus should always be on the story elements of plot and characterization. I need to maximize my scenes, add more dialogue, keep my characterization consistent, and keep my point of view consistent. Rookie mistakes. I’d like to think I know better now.

Since enough of this needs to be rewritten, I’m going to start fresh in a new Word file and start over with formatting and I’ll carry over the lines that I’m keeping. That works well for me. I also do a lot of work in a good old fashioned notebook. I get a lot out of my brain through the act of writing with a pen.

For those of you who’ve read my Hansel and Gretel, do you have any ideas for scenes I should add? Any other comments? Ideas for chapter titles?

Hansel and Gretel First Round Revision Notes for Chapters 1 to 3

I’d also be happy to take plain ole’ revising advice or comments. Share your experience with us!

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