Hansel and Gretel Revision Round 2

I called this Revision Round 2, but it’s only the first chapters that have gone through a second round. I’m still getting to the end of the first round on the other chapters.

Rule # 4534 about revising: Don’t go back to the beginning until you’ve gone to the end. Just keep notes. I’m posting the PDF of the first three chapters again, but I’m not done with the rest of the story.

Rule # 3948 (These are in no particular order, but they will be when I’m done with this story.): Don’t worry about what other people will think. Revision is messy and I’m overdoing it because I’m letting others have a peek. Probably only five people have paid any attention to this, but it still gets to my head.

Rule #8454….still working on this one.

Anyway, you can see what a mess I’ve made by viewing my current version of the first three chapters of Hansel and Gretel, which is now officially The Grimm Chronicles: One, Two, Blood on my Shoe.

Hansel and Gretel Second Round Revisions

I am looking for someone who would like to show off their editing skills, either content or copy, to take a publicized turn on the story when I’ve done what I can with it on my own.

Any takers?

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