I would love to post an update on Hansel and Gretel, but mostly I’ve been revising the later chapters and strengthening the theme threads. I look at it now and think I should have maybe just admitted from the beginning that this is a rewrite and not really a revision. Maybe. It’s the same story and the same characters and the same theme, but it’s been eating its Wheaties for breakfast.

I also have been working with a designer on the cover art and I’m excited that it’s getting close to a point where I can show that off to you and brag about the designer. It’s coming.

This has all been put on pause to wrap up The Plague Legacy: Assets now that I have beta copies back and an editor on the line. You’ll be getting a peek at that cover soon.

I’m also gearing up for the release of a special group project with the Secret Door Society that we did to benefit the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. You’ll be seeing a lot about it starting nowish.

I’m also on panels at Life, the Universe, and Everything next month, and I’m gearing up for the Author’s Combat Academy in April.

Just a little bit going on :).

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