Secrets and Doors – Christine Haggerty Review

A little tidbit on my story for a special anthology. Thanks, Paul.


Christine HaggertyMy friend, Christine Haggerty, from way out in Utah, is doing a cool anthology with some other amazing writers who compose The Secret Door Society. They wrote an anthology called Secrets and Doors, which will be linked a couple times. Just for reinforcement. It’s good stuff. Came out in January.

More background on Christine, we met on WordPress a little over two years ago, and a love of writing and fantasy has kept us in touch. She is the author of an incredible YA book, the first in a trilogy, Acquisition.

I was immensely honored when she gave me the privilege of reviewing her short story in Secrets and Doors. You can find it on Amazon through the link as an eBook. The title is, “Simple Magic.” My short and sweet review is below, but truly, she did an amazing job on the story, and you should…

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