LTUE and Getting Back to Work

LTUE stands for Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium in Provo, Utah. You may write it off because you’ve never heard of it. You may write it off because it’s in Utah. It is, however, the most affordable and useful event I’ve ever heard of for writers.

Here’s my personal summary: I was invited to put in two cents during an action scenes panel, called up out of the audience when one of the panelists realized I was there and he was quoting my article on fight scenes. That was awesome and awkward at the same time. Then I was on a panel with Fiona Ostler, an amazing author and mom and just plain fun. We rocked it. I could have gone home then feeling like a million bucks.

I’m glad I stayed because, even though I was on a few more panels over the weekend, I had a great time un-paneling in the lobby and the hallways. My favorite newish person (I met him before) is Steve Diamond of Elitist Book Reviews who just signed a YA series with a-publisher-that-seemed-important-but-I-can’t-remember. His crew was around, too. They are the Awesome Posse, but I think maybe they should be called the Gemstone Posse–I’m thinking about it.

My next favorite new person is Maxwell Alexander Drake. He and I will both be presenting at the Authors Combat Academy in April and he’s got an ocean’s worth of experience to talk about. If you haven’t signed up for that, you should take a look at it.

The Rock Lord and L.E. Modesitt are two very different and awesome authors who both write for Tor. Heavy metal genleman and over-the-top experienced and intelligent gentleman.

Now I’m back to work. I have to dig in to Hansel and Gretel, now titled One, Two, Blood on my Shoe. Any volunteers to beta read next week?

And if you haven’t seen Pretty Things…just sayin’.

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