We should compose long, angsty songs about the process of writing and create our own music video channel so that we can show the world what is really going on in our basements. The world should know what it looks like to draft and butcher revise and reconstruct and then finally polish and release. The world should know what we go through for 10c in our pocket and a million dollars’ worth of criticism.

Except that we should put on pants before the cameras roll…just sayin’.

I am in the final dregs of Assets, the sequel in The Plague Legacy young adult dystopian series. By that, I mean I’m skimming through the ebook file to catch any of those little micro-word-parasites that randomly duplicate words or delete spaces. Which means that really I’m done. Done. After almost a year and a half of wallowing in the process.

Don’t get me wrong. I love writing. I love creating stories and then creating more. I am still a rookie at this, though, and the first book—Acquisitions—was written in 2 ½ months. I recognize that now as beginner’s luck. This second book, the middle child of The Plague Legacy series, fell victim to my learning curve as a writer. I blissfully just wrote the first book, whereas with this one I thought about my process. Am I an outliner? Am I a pantser? Am I naturally gifted? Do the words just fall from my brains onto the page? Or do I have to go looking for them?

I’m an outliner. Actually, we all go through all phases of the creative writing process, it just looks different for each of us regardless of which camp we claim. I am a super-duper outliner. I am the most productive working the entire story out in my head before I draft a single word. I make notes as I go, keeping a little notebook nearby while I’m painting a room or raking leaves, but I get the most done when I daydream for a week or two or five. Drafting is my least favorite—the less time I spend there, the better off I am. Revisions are fine, and the very end edits are a piece of cake.

So here it is. And it’s good. And I can’t wait for you to read it.

The Plague Legacy: Assets

Now available for preorder. Releases April 9.

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