The Brand Demand by Johnny Worthen

The Brand Demand by Johnny Worthen

I caught up with one of my favorite authors and friends, Johnny Worthen, about his new political thriller The Brand Demand which is now available on Amazon or through your favorite brick and mortar.

Worthen_TheBrandDemand_CMYK300dpi1. The Brand Demand is a different genre than what you have previously published (Eleanor–YA Paranormal, Beatrysel–occult horror). Can you help define the audience for The Brand Demand?

THE BRAND DEMAND is a mystery or a crime thriller. The only spooks mentioned are of the government variety. It’s contemporary, realistic and political. Though thriller is the most widely read of all adult genres, I’ll shave a few readers away by virtue of the politics. My protagonist, Galen Reed, is a frustrated liberal in a conservative state and takes action against the hypocrites and evil-doers he sees ruining the climate both political and environmental. In an age of toxic partisanship, I’m sure I’ll get some letters from people who won’t read the book. So the ideal reader would be an open minded adult thriller fan. Motivations aside, it’s a great adventure, ready for a movie script, full of local color, twists and intrigue.

Like all my writing it’s layered with meanings and symbolism, an outward plot and an inner one. It’s a journey where beliefs and taught and tested to a final climax which tests it all. It’s the story of a driven but empty man who’s follows his conscious in the vacuum of loneliness.

2. What piqued your interest in writing a political thriller?

Previous publishing history not withstanding, I’ve always considered myself a mystery writer. I love the genre. All writing is mystery because you don’t know what’s going to happen and everything is political because our views shape all our perceptions and interactions. You can’t get away from it.

All writing is therapy. THE BRAND DEMAND is no different. It’s a product of my own frustration. The idea came to me from  shortly after the Prop 8 debacle in California where Utah interests helped force through one of the country’s first gay-discrimination laws. About this time Larry Craig, then a Senator from Idaho, was arrested for propositioning gay sex in an airport. His “wide stance” defense is a joke to this day. Shaking my head at the hypocrisy, I recalled Edward Abbey’s THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG, a 1975 novel about environmental guerillas. Pieces and ideas fell together and I came up with Galen’s gang and eventually THE BRAND DEMAND.

3. You have been active in the conferences and conventions circuit. Where can fans find you next?

Let’s see, my next public appearance is The Baked Potato Writing Group on April 10th.

Then on Saturday the 18th, I’m having my BRAND DEMAND launch party and signing shindig at the Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble at 2:00. See you there!

Check out my Events Page for my relatively complete schedule:

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