The Plague Legacy: Assets

The Plague Legacy: Assets, second in this award-winning young adult dystopian series, is now available for pre-order!


From Chapter 1:

Lefty cupped his hand beneath Myla’s chin and forced her to look at him. “Pretty little vixen, ain’t ya?”

Behind Lefty, the other fisherman chuckled. “Pretty enough for both of us, huh, Lefty?”

Myla pulled her face out of Lefty’s grip and stood. “Don’t touch me.”

Lefty reached across Cam for Myla’s arm, but she stepped back.

“She said don’t touch her.” Cam rolled to his knees and pushed to his feet as Lefty’s fingers closed on the salty air. The pocket knife fell into the sand when Cam’s roped hands swung into Lefty’s jaw and the weathered crewman fell back into the fisherman who had started the fight chant. Cam stepped to lunge at both of them, but a pain exploded in his head and his feet went out from under him. He fell forward, blinking to clear his vision as he braced his elbows and knees on the sand to get back to his feet.

“No,” he heard Myla plead. “I could have put the knife through your throat. I won.”

Styx’s shadow fell on him and the point of her knife hovered just below his chin. “You no be moving, boy.”

Myla stepped up to his other side and wrapped her arms protectively around his shoulders. “You promised,” she challenged Styx.

Styx’s knife disappeared, but the dark woman’s shadow still blocked the last of the sun.

“She let you beat her, Myla,” Cam croaked out. He had seen it when Styx lowered her arms. Myla had done the same thing when she fought Tara on the ship in the mutants’ mock arena. Myla had let Tara pin her down for the win. Now Styx had purposefully given Myla the upper hand, letting Myla pin her on the sand. “She’s just playing with us. She’s a trained gladiator from the same House as Smith. There’s no way you beat her.”

Cam hated the look of pained disappointment on Myla’s face as the reality of their situation sunk in.

Lefty laughed from behind Cam. “Little bastard figured it out, captain. Nothin’ but games and death in Salvation.”

Cam straightened, glad for Myla’s arms around his shoulders as the twilight on the beach swayed in his vision.

Styx crouched in front of him, her eyes hard. “Colter Smith?”


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“If you love Dystopian, Acquisitions hits home on all the right places. Filled with hopelessness, and desolation, this YA novel…is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, mixed with The Stand, and The Hunger Games.”  – Write from the Mountains

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