Multiple Intelligences Project Cards

I love an interactive, student-driven classroom. I’m also a fan of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and believe in allowing students to choose how they process and demonstrate subject comprehension. I also have my other students in the classroom participate in the constructive feedback and rubric scoring process. Students can increase their score by applying the feedback and presenting their project a second time. It allows them to begin the healthy emotional process of differentiation and self-definition, and allows them the real-world experience of taking feedback and applying it to improve their job performance or a product.

I have created a set of project cards from which my students can choose. The Score system is based on the practical grid in Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom by Diane Heacox and Cindy Strickland (a book very worth the money for all grade levels). The Score of a particular project reflects what kind of thought process the student must apply in order to complete the project–Knowledge/Comprehension, Application, Evaluation/Analyzation, and Synthesis (These details vary just a little, but the progression is fairly consistent). The higher on the critical thinking scale the project process falls, the higher the Score.

I’m sharing these for any teacher who wants to apply them in his/her classroom. I also encourage you to change/add for any subject area and share with us here what you come up with. I will add to these cards and continue to share them gladly.

Christine Haggerty Totally 10 Project Cards

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