Back in the Game–Poetry Poker

Now that I’m back in the classroom, I will be playing Poetry Poker a little more regularly. Here’s how it works on the blog–I post a deal with my following poem, and you can write a poem from the same deal and post it (or a link to it) in the comments.

Deal from Mixed Decks: stay, yellow, slash, innocent, spirit

I won’t ask you to stay

the exit is marked with yellow tape

slashed through with black

and sticky, like the way

I feel about

You–as innocent as a spider’s web

and maybe more deadly

in spirit.

Deal from Mixed Decks: glide, star, props, slam, push

Katy Perry’s a firework

but I’d rather glide like a star

through the heavens where dreams

form and angels fly.

I don’t want my sparks to singe

the props that fell when Atlas shrugged

and the sky slammed to the sea.

I want to be what pushed the

sun to shine

and the moon to sing.


I showed you mine. Will you show me yours?

4 thoughts on “Back in the Game–Poetry Poker

  1. Wanted to drop a quick thanks for re-posting the open submission call on Siren’s Song a while ago. Probably wouldn’t have found it, other than that I randomly came across it on your site. Got me thinking (as an author’s brain so often does) and I knocked a quick one out for submission. Something I haven’t done for several years. Submitted a completed short story, that is.

    I also bought Acquisitions and read it. Pretty good book. Quite good for a debut. Had a few issues, but I liked it. I also got Assets at the same time (because I promised you at LTUE that I’d read it if I read the first one). Haven’t had the chance to get to it yet, but we’re going through a round of self-published books right now over at EBR, and I figured that I could use Assets as a good breaker at some point during the long haul. Hoping for good things.

    And because I commented on this post instead of any other (from the first mixed deck)…

    Wait for me, I think, but cannot say
    for the yellow muck that sloughs through oral spaces toothless and raw
    I yearn and reach for your skin
    to grasp, to hold
    to slash and pry beneath
    with torn nail and brittle finger bone
    Are you innocent, like was I?
    I wonder, and also if
    I will find a soul, a spirit,
    buried within your flesh
    when finally my reach succeeds.

    Great idea for a post, by the way.

    1. Hello Writer Dan,
      I hope to see you again in the flesh. Maybe at Comic Con? And I would also love to see what you submitted to Siren’s Song. I’m glad that post inspired you. Your comment had a considerable effect on my entire weekend. It’s funny how things like this show up right at an emotional crossroads.

      Especially the poem. I love your poem.

      1. Couldn’t find a contact email for you and didn’t think I could send my story to you via WordPress comment, so I went searching around your site and found one in a random comment that looked valid: chaggerty99 at If that’s not a good email anymore, let me know and I’ll send that short story via another route.


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