Poetry Poker Deal 9-19-15

Mixed Decks Deal: stand, wrapped, cave, insistence, aggravate

The wind howls
insistent teeth gnashing
through a cave of vague opportunity
craving the substance of the certain
and I stand in the entrance
wrapping myself in apathy
against the biting chill

Want to play? Write your own poem using these words and post in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Poetry Poker Deal 9-19-15

  1. I couldn’t find a use for ‘aggravate’. It just wouldn’t fit into this poem.

    Night falls,
    Calls the fox to his mate,
    Waiting beneath the stand of beech.
    Leeches darkness from the cave of night,
    Lightless the forest paths wrapped in dusk.
    Musky the scent of roses still,
    Will they fall before the day ends?
    Send me a sign in the call of the birds,
    Words insistent in the breeze that mutters.
    Flutters the blackbird in the withered vine,
    Wine finished in the chill wind from the east,
    Feasting the cubs on the meagre nest of voles.
    Holes in the clouds where I see your face,
    Place where the sun used to pour,
    For that is the sign?
    Mine, the last light?
    Night falls.

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