Pretty Things now in Paperback!

There’s nothing quite like the feel of those fresh pages. The Grimm Chronicles: Pretty Things is now available in paperback! Sign up for my newsletter by September 30, 2015 for a chance to win a signed copy!



What are fans saying about Pretty Things?

“What immediately struck me in the opening lines of Pretty Things was the atmosphere and sense of presence Haggerty brings to this retelling. I felt the familiar layers of this Grimm fantasy without the heaviness of cliché or stereotyping. The emotions evoked are pure and real.”  MJ Moores, Reviewer

“Strongly recommended to those that love dark fantasy, a hint of romance and watching a spoiled girl grow up in the face of fear and death. It is a page turner that you will re-read over and over again.” Kathryn Jenkins, Dark Knight Chronicles

“Haggerty has done well with combining some classic and remembered tales to portray a wonderful story that will keep you intrigued with counting down to the next installments. I became quickly engaged in the story with the atmosphere in each setting and was pleasantly satisfied with the amount of emotion that was conjured throughout this short book! I appreciated the character development and love that at the end of the book I truly had felt the emotions that, as a reader, I feel are vital to a successful story.” The Book Stalker

“If you have a love for real faerietales you’ll devour this one :)” Angela Hartley, author of Copper Reign

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